Cosplay for Hope

All my life I have liked to play dress up. My earliest memories are running around the house in my little tank shirt and undies… swinging my little brother’s lasso (for his horsie) screaming, “WONDER WOMAN!” and it didn’t end there. From being a princess, a rock star, and even Rizzo from Grease Pink Ladies. I have always had a passion for dressing up!

But dressing up is only half the fun, getting into full character is where the real fun begins! One year for Halloween at work I was Willie Robertson of the famous Duck Dynasty Family (pic at bottom) I spent the day telling my employees they were ‘slackers!’ Lol! Another year a pirate was spent carrying my treasure and say ‘Arhhhh.’ I plan my costumes for months in advance. I always want everything to be just perfect. Fall IS my favorite time of year and the excitement of Halloween has always made me feel giddy since I was a child. The last 3 Halloweens I have dressed up as female rock stars; Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, and Cher. I love spending time studying their mannerisms. My kids always laugh, roll their eyes, and then say something along the lines of, ” Mom will you please change before we go out trick or treating and just be MOM!” Lol!

When I was recently approached by my dear dear sister friend from high school about a new endeavor she and another survivor sister had started called ‘Cosplay for Hope‘ all I can say is I was ecstatic about it. Their mission statement reads:



I knew immediately this organizatoon would help MANY! I told both organization founders, Erica and April, I wanted to help in any way I possibly could and I went about excitedly planning my cosplay outfit!

I have always been a huge Batman and Catwoman fanatic! It started from watching Batman the Movie on the big screen in 1989 (I was on a date in high school…lol) Michael Keaton and Michelle Phifer made me instantly fall in love with these characters. I knew Catwoman was going to be the perfect cosplay role for me. Not hero, nor villan, more of an ‘anti-villan’ and always helping those in need (a female Robinhood of sorts) even though she is misunderstood and has been treated poorly, especially by the men in her life. I can’t wait to unveil my costume at the first annual Cosplay for Hope Minicon and Walk on August 25, 2018 in Warrensburg, MO. *wink wink*


You can only imagine my utter disbelief when I received a call last week from my dear sister friend and co-founder of Cosplay for Hope, Erica, to ask me if I would like to join their leadership team! I am deeply humbled and honored to be a part of this amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! Erica and April have both made me feel like a part of the cosplay family. So keep your eyes open at the next comicon, you just might see Catwoman aka Jenn wondering around talking about suicide prevention and awareness. Please make sure to stop by the Cosplay for Hope Table and say hello and get a picture!

I am Catwoman…hear me roar!


Pictures of me playing dress up.




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